VolRC RAS scientific journal (online edition)

Journal section "Territorial economy"


Kopytova E.D.

3 (23), 2015

Kopytova E.D. EXPERIENCE OF FORMATION AND PROSPECTS OF DEVELOPMENT OF PUBLIC ENTERPRISES IN RUSSIA. Territorial development issues, 2015, no. 3 (23). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/1484?_lang=en

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Nowadays the coordination of interests of individual employees and the enterprise as a whole on the basis of personnel’s objective interest in the efficient use of the enterprise’s resources is possible with the help of workers’ participation in the ownership of enterprises. This is possible if the enterprise is a closed joint-stock company (public enterprise). The methodological foundations of public enterprises formation require special attention as the issues are weakly developed, including the problems of formation of enterprises’ economic organization, the legal and legislative frameworks. In connection with the stated above, we have performed a review of the current state of the Russian joint stock companies of workers (public enterprises). The article presents their classification by sectoral and regional indicators. Periodicals and Internet resources are an information base of the study. To achieve the goal we have used system and integrated approaches, as well as general scientific methods (comparative analysis, generalization, comparison), tabular methods of information processing. The results of the study have helped identify the issues hindering the widespread adoption of this form of enterprises, particularly, legislative limitations of the commercial structures’ transfer to public enterprises, lack of real tax and other benefits, as well as centers for training employees in the basics of economic and management knowledge, etc. The prospects of development of joint stock companies of workers depend on the state economic policy aimed either at the concentration of ownership or its democratization through the development of collective forms of management


regional development, public enterprises, joint-stock companies