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Journal section "Social problems of the development of territories"

South of Russia: Issues of Social Relations in the Context of Power Centralization and Decentralization

Mokshin V.K., Shipelik O.V.

4 (34), 2016

Mokshin V.K., Shipelik O.V. South of Russia: Issues of Social Relations in the Context of Power Centralization and Decentralization. Territorial development issues, 2016, no. 4 (34). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/1981?_lang=en

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Problems of formation of a uniform regional space of Russia are among the most important, because their positive solution determines the progressive development of social relations. Does the current centralization of power contribute to overcoming the asymmetry in the development of the South of Russia, poverty, corruption, ethnic conflicts and shadow economy? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to apply the dialectical approach and to carry out a theoretical study of the concepts of “centralization” and “decentralization”. In the conditions of state anomie in Russia the processes of centralization in the Southern Federal District since the 2000s have had a positive value. An obstacle to the progressive development of the South of Russia consists in the increasing irregularity of socio-political and economic relations. The development of the economy and social sphere is characterized by asymmetry and archaic forms of management. Factors promoting instability in the South of Russia are corruption, criminalization of society, and ethnic conflicts. Currently, the situation with financial provision has changed for the worse in connection with the Western sanctions against Russia. Central government transfers some of its tasks to regions, believing that it thereby contributes to the development of decentralization processes. Regions cannot handle these tasks without sufficient funding. Necessary features of the dialectical understanding of centralization (except for the concentration of resources in the center, solution of all the important issues by the center, coordination of regional authorities by the center) should include communication between the central and local authorities and society, their responsibility to society. Otherwise, centralization and decentralization lose their positive nature, and social relations enter a state of crisis


ethnic conflicts, decentralization, south of russia, centralization, asymmetry, social relations

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