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Skorodumov P.V.

5 (15), 2014

Skorodumov P.V. BUSINESS PROCESSES MODELING: APPROACHES, METHODS AND TOOLS. Territorial development issues, 2014, no. 5 (15). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/1413?_lang=en

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Business processes engineering is the basis for the modern approach to business management, with the most important direction being re-engineering. Re-engineering is aimed at the use of fundamentally new business processes based on modern innovation technology. The analysis of the existing and development of new business requires the construction of models of the enterprise and its current business processes. Modeling is a process of reality reflection by means of a special methodology. The article introduces basic approaches, methods and tools to boost business processes. It considers the most popular formalisms of Petri nets used for these purposes. The study proposes to use the modified tool of nested hybrid Petri nets as a research tool of business processes. The proposal to develop a universal system of simulation modeling on the basis of the modified tool of Petri nets


petri nets, business process, re-engineering, methodology of business processes modeling, universal system of simulation modeling