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Journal section "Innovation development of territories"


Kuz’min I.V.

10 (20), 2014

Kuz’min I.V. TRENDS IN PUBLIC REGULATION OF INNOVATIVE ACTIVITY ABROAD. Territorial development issues, 2014, no. 10 (20). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/1455?_lang=en

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The article shows the trends in strengthening public regulation of innovative activity, which are visible in developing innovative systems of several countries. The paper reviews the peculiarities of innovative activity in the USA, contributing to its activation. The author reveals the aspects of innovation policy in Japan, covering the efforts of the state and business in achieving the best results of innovative activity. The researcher reports the main public regulation measures of innovative activity in the EU member-states, which successfully develop national and regional innovative systems. The article describes the key instruments created in the EU to stimulate innovative activity. According to the results of investigation, the author concludes that countries, achieved the significant results in innovative development, take steps to distribute innovations with a focus on stimulation methods along with the measures of direct public regulation methods, in which the most important place belongs to financial package. The paper shows that one of the tasks, which is solvable within the close combination of all named methods, is the development of innovative cooperation, possessing significant potential in activation of innovative activity, and at the regional level as well, moreover, the degree of using the innovative cooperation within the innovation policy is rapidly increasing. The author conducts the classification of international cooperation in innovative activity. The article presents several conclusions and recommendations regarding the possible consideration of trends in improving regulation measures of innovative activity, revealed as a part of the study


innovative activity, innovation management, public regulation, regional economics, international cooperation in science and technology

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