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Technological development of the russian economy

Lukin E.V.

7 (27), 2015

Lukin E.V. Technological development of the russian economy. Territorial development issues, 2015, no. 7 (27). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/1518?_lang=en

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The article substantiates the necessity to carry out large-scale technological modernization of the Russian economy and strengthen integration of mining and manufacturing sectors of the economy. It discloses the existing conditions of management of enterprises, characterized by significant dependence on external factors. The author calculates a value added multiplier in the economy, which shows a low level of commodities processing in the Russian industry and a manyfold gap from industrialized countries by this indicator. The article reveals the dynamics of the multiplier value added in the economy in 2003 – 2013, proving low processing in Russian industry and disintegration of its technological chains. The analysis of the value added structure shows that the manufacturing industry is the only sector capable of ensuring technological development in Russia. Its contribution to gross domestic product is estimated at 13.4%. The comparison with industrialized countries reveals that the structure of national economy of such countries, as well as the scale of the development, production and application of high technologies are substantially different from Russia. The author estimates the dynamics of production and capacity utilization of the engineering sector and the gradual loss of the material-technical base of investment engineering. The structure of the gross domestic product application indicates significant underutilization of the existing investment potential and inefficient allocation of investments in the Russian economy, when the rate of industrial capital accumulation is equal to only 2.1% of GDP. The article makes a conclusion about the ineffective regulation of social reproduction and proposes the ways of its strengthening, such as integration of the mining and manufacturing sectors of the national economy through the vertical integration of production and technological processing of natural resources in knowledge-intensive products of final consumption


technological development, value chain, value-added multiplier, the domestic investment potential