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Journal section "Social problems of the development of territories"

Typology of fac tors influencing migration

Vyacheslavov V.N.

7 (27), 2015

Vyacheslavov V.N. Typology of fac tors influencing migration. Territorial development issues, 2015, no. 7 (27). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/1522?_lang=en

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The article contains a classification of factors that influence migration processes within the Vologda Oblast, a typical Russian region. The author presents the structure of factors based on the nature of impact, extent of regulation, scope of regulation. It is shown that in the course of studying migration processes it is necessary to pay attention to not one but several groups of factors, which will provide a holistic understanding of migration processes. The research pays special attention to subjective socio-demographic and territorial factors. The information about these factors was obtained in the sociological research “Socio-cultural portrait of the Vologda Oblast” carried out by the Institute of socio-economic development of territories of RAS in the cities of Vologda and Cherepovets, and in Gryazovetsky, Nikolsky, Tarnogsky, Velikoustyugsky, Babayevsky, Vozhegodsky, Kirillovsky, and Sheksninsky districts of the Vologda Oblast in 2008, 2010 and 2012. The representativeness of the data was provided by the observance of proportions between urban and rural residents, between the inhabitants of settlements of different types (rural settlements, small and medium-sized towns), and the demographic structure of the adult population. The research has found out that young people and people with a sufficiently high level of education are more involved in migration processes. The study has also identified that the endowment with social infrastructure for migrants, besides the level of socio-economic development, also influences the possibility of moving to a particular locality. The research findings can be used in improving the management of migratory flows at the regional level


migration, migration processes, migration flows, migration factors

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