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Methodological aspects of development of information-analytical systems for solving problems of territorial development

Chugreev V.L., Badanin D.A.

10 (30), 2015

Chugreev V.L., Badanin D.A. Methodological aspects of development of information-analytical systems for solving problems of territorial development. Territorial development issues, 2015, no. 10 (30). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/1710?_lang=en

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Improvement of the governance quality is inextricably linked with enhancement of the quality of processing and analysis of the initial data. The current level of computer technology development helps perform complex analytical calculations on the basis of large data and use results of these calculations in the management activities. All this contributes to the emergence of information-analytical systems used to support decisions in the sphere of socio-economic development of territories. In general, the information-analytical system is a automated system which carries out storage, processing, analysis and provision of information in user-friendly form. It is possible to identify a number of characteristic features of information-analytical systems. First, it is volume of data processed. Usually we talk about large amounts of information (significant ones regarding the possibility of manual processing). Second, it is heterogeneity of data and presence of multiple sources. Most often information-analytical systems are focused on data aggregation, collaborative processing of information received from different sources. Third, it is use of systems for decision support. The system should help choose best solutions among others; the criteria of “best” ones should be defined by a user of the system. Information-analytical systems are used in the context of tactical and strategic management. It is possible to single out 4 groups of aspects that significantly affect development of information-analytical systems. First, it is an information aspect. This group addresses all issues related to the collection of baseline data necessary for the operation of information-analytical systems. Second, it is a methodological aspect. This group includes issues to develop analysis methods and construct a preliminary algorithmic part (algorithms of data processing and analysis at the methodological level). Third, it is organizational aspect. This group of issues is connected with organization of the process to develop a software system and communication between experts, customers and programmers. Fourth, it is a software aspect. This group addresses issues of software architecture and technical implementation of the project. This study can be used as the basis for further work on developing a common methodological approach to construction of information-analytical systems in terms of regional development


regional development, information-analytical system, regional strategy, software development, economic modeling

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