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Developmental environment of an educational institution as a factor to form human potential of regional economy

Sokolova D.V., Kulakova A.B.

10 (30), 2015

Sokolova D.V., Kulakova A.B. Developmental environment of an educational institution as a factor to form human potential of regional economy. Territorial development issues, 2015, no. 10 (30). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/1711?_lang=en

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This paper describes the influence of educational environment of educational institutions on the formation of human potential of regional economy. In substantiates the urgency of the discussed issue, as well as the importance of psycho-pedagogical support in educational process. It considers theoretic-methodological approaches to definition of the concept “human potential”, elaborated by such scientists, as A. Smith, W. Petty, K. Marx and D. Ricardo, T. Schultz, A.I. Dobrynin, S.A. Dyatlov, M.M. Kritskii, I.V. Il’inskii, S.A. Kurganskii, etc. The article also reveals the relationship of human capital and developmental environment of educational institutions. It describes the structure of developmental environment, which includes spatial and semantic, substantive and methodological, communication and organizational components. These components are reflected in the activities of the ISEDT RAS Research-and-Education Center of Economy and Information Technology, which provides additional economic education of pupils and training of graduate students. In the framework of its activities the group of psycho-pedagogical support implements a system of measures aimed at creating conditions of educational environment in the educational process, and carries out work in the following areas: diagnostic and developmental. The system of psychological research in pupils is aimed at studying the level of adaptivity, well-being, activity, mood, level of development of communicative and organizational aptitudes, mental and emotional state. The work sets out the essence of educational work with students and graduate students. The article concludes that the activities of the psycho-pedagogical group help create comfortable conditions for all educational process participants in the Research-and-Education Center. The system of measures stimulates the formation of the environment, which develops a harmonious, emotionally-stable, successfully adapting to external changing conditions personality to provide the region with human potential. The experience of organization of developmental environment in the ISEDT RAS Research-and-Education Center can be used by the staff of educational institutions, with all the advantages and disadvantages of the presented system being taken into account


human potential, developmental environment of an educational institution, diagnosis, developing work, psychological-pedagogical support

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