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Natural-Science Measures of Value and Productivity of Social Labor in Regional Sustainable Development Governance

Bol’shakov B.E., Shamaeva E.F.

4 (34), 2016

Bol’shakov B.E., Shamaeva E.F. Natural-Science Measures of Value and Productivity of Social Labor in Regional Sustainable Development Governance. Territorial development issues, 2016, no. 4 (34). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/1979?_lang=en

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Currently used sustainable development indicators are not additive and not proportional, so it is impossible to carry out arithmetic operations with them. It also includes a situation when these indicators are brought to conditionally dimensionless look (e.g. percents or shares) behind which there are physically different values. There is a need of formation of regulatory base for sustainable innovative development design and management. It is dictated by the current state of the world which is in the middle of a very complicated transition to sustainable innovative development: the management of development relies on information base and standards that don't meet special requirements of sustainable innovative development; there is no system of collecting, processing and implementing of statistics necessary for formation of regulatory base as the solution for administrative tasks in the field of sustainable innovative development. This paper’s purpose is justification and analysis of opportunities that are provided by using natural-science measuring instruments of social activities’ value and productivity in regional sustainable development design and management. The article overviews the problems of design and management of open territorial systems development; provides natural-science measures and parameters of sustainable development in the system of nature – society – human; reveals scientific base and methodology of project management for sustainable development; gives the examples of calculation and modeling of natural-science parameters of social and economic development for territorial systems as illustrations for considered techniques. The works of Scientific school of sustainable development are based on discoveries of the Russian scientific school made by: S.A. Podolinsky (labor expressed in energy measures), E.S. Bauer (the principle of a steady non-equilibrium), V.I. Vernadsky (the principles of evolution of live and inert matter), P.G. Kuznetsov (invariants of conservation and development), etc


project management for sustainable development, formalized principle of sustainable development, natural-science measures of labor, laws of conservation and changes in the system of nature – society – human, labor process, productivity of social activities