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Marketing Activity in a Scientific Institution

Artamonova A.S.

4 (34), 2016

Artamonova A.S. Marketing Activity in a Scientific Institution. Territorial development issues, 2016, no. 4 (34). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/1983?_lang=en

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One of the leading sectors of modern Russian economy is service industries. At present marketing of non-material sphere as an economic category is still forming. Special attention needs to be paid to the marketing activity in scientific institutions that cannot be excluded from market processes. Unfortunately at the present time there are no known works that provide a comprehensive consideration of the problem of implementation of marketing approaches in strategic management of scientific institutions, so the author used works on marketing activity in higher education sector as an example. Being in fact social organizations, education and research institutions cannot operate as commercial enterprises. Nevertheless in market conditions education and science must develop, find ways to improve their work, keep it up to date. The implementation of certain marketing principles will positively influence the work efficiency. This is not only about commercial benefit but about forming and securing a certain reputation of the institution in the public perception. Without doubt the main task of a scientific institution is conducting of research in its field. This research is a core of work, around which the institution carries out other activities. However in recent times one can hear accusations that science is ivory-towered. It is necessary to make it clear that research is done in the public interests and to realize that activity assessment of each institute, including a regional one, affects the assessment of science in general. Here when we need to use marketing principles. The article considers features of marketing activity in the Institute of socio-economic development of the Russian academy of sciences. The author presents a schematic model of marketing activity management structure, reveals main problems related to marketing implementation, shows the necessity of more complete and intended applying of marketing principles in the activity of research institutions


service marketing, scientific institution, marketing activity