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Theoretical Aspects of Assessing the Quality and Efficiency of Post-Graduate Training

Kelsina A.S.

1 (36), 2017

Kelsina A.S. Theoretical Aspects of Assessing the Quality and Efficiency of Post-Graduate Training. Territorial development issues, 2017, no. 1 (36). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/2135?_lang=en

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Attention and requirements of employers, government and public community to modern higher education have increased. Despite numerous problems in the educational system, the problem of training quality, including post-graduate studies, is the most relevant. The system of higher education, an important part of which is post-graduate studies, is aimed at training specialists capable of meeting the needs of the modern economy, social sphere and management, having profound professional knowledge and skills and innovative thinking. The purpose for the present research is to analyze different approaches to assessing post-graduate training quality and efficiency. The problem of assessing the quality of education is an integrated interdisciplinary problem which requires systematization of experience and research in different scientific fields. Assessment of the quality of education is considered as a standardized process designed to determine the degree of compliance of the measured educational results and their provision conditions with the standards and norms documented in regulations and aimed to establishing the state of the educational system and its dynamics. Post-graduate programs are currently being implemented on the basis of Federal State Educational Standards which contain relevant rules and requirements. But these requirements are aimed at assessing training results and conditions; they do not take into account the process of post-graduate training. It is necessary to use the concept of “efficiency”, which is very close to the concept of “quality”; the concept is ambiguous from the point of view of its application to education. At the same time, when assessing the efficiency of any activity it is necessary to clearly outline the goals of this activity and develop a system of indicators for assessing the efficiency of each process aimed at achieving these goals. The assessment of post-graduate efficiency is a complex and multi-aspect process. The development of simple clear techniques of complex assessment of post-graduate efficiency remains relevant


post-graduate studies, post-graduate training quality, federal state educational standard, post-graduate training efficiency

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