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Journal section "Territorial economy"

The Analysis and Assessment of Development of Ecological and Economic Systems of Suburban Areas

Pavlov K.V.

3 (38), 2017

Pavlov K.V. The Analysis and Assessment of Development of Ecological and Economic Systems of Suburban Areas. Territorial development issues, 2017, no. 3 (38). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/2262?_lang=en

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The intensification of urbanization in the world economy has also reflected in theoretical treatment, as recently many scientific publications have examined the problems of the social and economic development of cities. Moreover, it can be said that a special area of focus in the general theory of the regional economics has emerged, with its own problems and specific methods and approaches to solving economic problems - we are talking about the so-called urban economics. Over recent decades other areas of the urban economics have also been rapidly developing. Thus, interesting results have been obtained in the development of methods for assessing the economic efficiency of cities in the development planning of their network, in studying the economic aspect of architectural and town-planning design and drawing up general layout and development master plans, in developing the concept and fundamental principles for the formation of a system of settlements, etc. Though it should be noted that many of the main economic issues of urban development, especially the analysis of their efficiency, have not been investigated sufficiently. However, it is clear that cities have a huge impact on reproduction processes and they play an important role in the effective development of the economy. But it is obvious that a particular city, as a rule, have the most tangible impact on the economy and manifests itself in the peculiarities of the functioning of the social and economic system of suburban areas, and, the larger the city, the other things being equal, this influence is more significant. Thus, types and kinds of suburban areas have not been studied sufficiently; the "reverse" effect of the economy of suburban areas (especially rural areas) on the city's economic system has been analyzed to a much lesser degree than is the case with the study of the city's influence on the functioning of the social and economic system of the suburbs; the characteristics of the suburban economy under the conditions of the formation of market infrastructure have been analyzed insufficiently, etc. Thus, it is possible to define a very wide range of issues - industrial, social, demographic, ecological issues, specific for suburban areas and not studied thoroughly. In this regard, the article proves the expediency of separation of suburban economy and ecology as a direction of regionalistics, and also specifies the features of management and sustainable development of economic-ecologic systems of suburban farming areas


suburban economy and ecology, suburban farming areas, specific features of management and regulations, economic-ecologic system

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