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Journal section "Territorial economy"

Main Approaches to the Concept of Cooperation Ties of Small and Large Business

Shabanova E.P.

4 (39), 2017

Shabanova E.P. Main Approaches to the Concept of Cooperation Ties of Small and Large Business. Territorial development issues, 2017, no. 4 (39). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/2359?_lang=en

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One of the key conditions for sustainable development in modern Russian economic system is the use of principles of entrepreneurship economy. One of these principles is effective cooperation of small and large business which affects the quality of economic growth. In this regard, the article examines theoretical approaches to the category “cooperation of small and large business”. Various researchers were involved in the study of cooperation: F. Raiffeisen, M.I. Tugan-Baranovskii, K.A. Pazhitov, A.V. Chayanov, L.I. Abalkin, I.N. Gerchikova, etc. The novelty of the research consists in generalization, systematization and comparative analysis of views on the concept of “co-operation”, forms of cooperation ties between small and large business, as well as in the development of the author’s interpretation of “cooperation in small and large business”. The paper analyses works of leading research scientists involved in the study of cooperation. The authors systematize the existing approaches to the economic category of “cooperation in small and large business”, attempt to prove that throughout the development of cooperation in small and large business there are no studies devoted to their socio-economic role and no generally accepted approaches to the study have been developed yet. The main provisions of the article are based on critical analysis of domestic and foreign literature (monographs, scientific articles). General logical research and techniques such as analysis, abstraction, generalization, deduction, analogy etc. are used. In the course of the study, the authors determined that domestic and foreign researchers in this field note a significant role of cooperation and interpretations of this concept. However, cooperation is referred to as cooperative enterprise and cooperative (social) movement; however, this definition does not reflect the current understanding of the phenomenon under study. The authors also revealed that the benchmarks for researchers of this concept are the interpretations of M.I. Tugan-Baranovskii and K.A. Pazhitnov. In line with this, the authors review the approaches to classification of forms of cooperation ties which will be reflected in further study. In conclusion, the article offers the author’s interpretation of the concept “cooperation in small and large business”. The materials can be used by researchers, graduate and undergraduate students and all interested in the problems of cooperation development. Further research areas on this topic include basic characteristics and classification of forms of cooperation ties


small business, management, cooperation, large business, process, form of production management

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