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Journal section "Innovation development of territories"

Assessing Financial Opportunities of an Enterprise for Implementation of Innovation Projects

Alfer'ev D.A.

4 (39), 2017

Alfer'ev D.A. Assessing Financial Opportunities of an Enterprise for Implementation of Innovation Projects. Territorial development issues, 2017, no. 4 (39). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/2362?_lang=en

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Innovation is a driver of economic and social development. Thanks to the introduction of innovations in the market their creator gains commercial profit, and their consumer gets better services. In this regard, the aim of the study is to build an algorithm for estimating the readiness of an industrial enterprise to the management and implementation of innovation activities on the basis of available and generally accepted financial reporting. The approach to the solution of this problem has the following elements: universality of the developed technique (i.e. it can be used at industrial enterprises of all industries and scale); simplicity and ease of calculation. The author defines the features (pros and cons) approaches and methods that the scientific community uses to estimate innovation potential of industrial enterprises. The study is based on the principles of system analysis and system design that ensures its scientific validity, objectivity of the findings and specific practical significance of the results. The author uses general logical methods and techniques of research such as analysis, abstraction, generalization, deduction, analogy, etc. When calculating the final assessment of the readiness of industrial enterprises to implement innovation, the author applied the methods of formalization and mathematical modeling. In conclusion, the paper presents an algorithm for calculating this estimation, which is based on the analysis of the main financial documents of the company (balance sheet and statement of profit and loss), the calculation of indicators of financial stability of the company, establishing the technical estimates for the future innovation project and the estimated discounted cash flows. The obtained results can be used in economic activities of industrial enterprises of different sectoral focus, and also in the work of researchers engaged in the problems and issues of innovation activity in the industry. Further research directions on this topic include the automation of the processes of estimation of innovation activity of industrial enterprises and the adoption of effective management decisions on this basis; building and developing optimal algorithms for managing innovation processes according to their stages; forecasting the commercial success of innovation projects and modeling the volumes of their sales


innovation, innovation potential, financial records, estimate of expenditures, algorithmization

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