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Youth Career Guidance in the Region: Experience of Excursion Activity

Sukhareva L.M., Duryagina N.N.

5 (40), 2017

Sukhareva L.M., Duryagina N.N. Youth Career Guidance in the Region: Experience of Excursion Activity. Territorial development issues, 2017, no. 5 (40). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/2422?_lang=en

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The article describes the experience of the organization of excursion activities on the example of Scientific-educational center of Economics and information technologies of the Federal state budget institution of science "Vologda scientific center of the Russian Academy of Sciences" (Vologda) as one of the components of career guidance work with young people in the region. To achieve this goal, the authors study different approaches to the definition of career counseling by authors such as E. F. Zeer, A. M. Pavlov, N. About. Sadovnikova, V. P. Zinchenko, B. G. Mescheriakov, M. A. Boldin, E. V. Deeva, O. A. makhaeva E. E. Grigorieva. Analysis of scientific literature allowed to identify the objectives which directed vocational guidance activities, identify various forms of interaction of educational institutions with potential employers. A distinctive feature of this study is description of a unique system of excursions for students of the scientific-educational center of economy and information technology. The authors cover in detail the methodology of organizing excursions, give a characterization of measures purpose and type, give examples of specific tours, ongoing throughout the school year. The effectiveness of the arrangements in the centre of vocational guidance allow you to determine the indicators of the annual survey of graduates full-time elective admission results in secondary and higher educational institutions. So, according to a study in the 2015/16 academic year, 38% of graduates enrolled in relevant College programs of universities (Economics, mathematics and computer science) that allows to make a conclusion that professional development in scientifically-educational centre has a positive effect on the formation of occupational preferences of high school students. Thus, presents the experience of using a safe Deposit method in the formation of professionals proves that such events occupies an important place in educational process of acquiring knowledge and skills that contribute to effective behaviour in the labour market. A promising direction of research is to study foreign experience of organization of excursions. The article can be useful to teachers, class teachers, teachers-organizers of educational institutions, students of pedagogical fields of training, universities, staff and the Methodists of scientific-educational centers


excursions, youth career guidance, research center, region’s development

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