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The Role of Mechanical Engineering in the Process of Regional Economic Diversification

Borisov V.N., Pochukaeva O.V., Pochukaev K.G.

5 (45), 2018

Borisov V.N., Pochukaeva O.V., Pochukaev K.G. The role of mechanical engineering in the process of regional economic diversification. Territorial development issues, 2018, no. 5 (45). DOI: 10.15838/tdi.2018.5.45.3

DOI: 10.15838/tdi.2018.5.45.3

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Increasing the efficiency of innovation-technology factors to improve the productivity and competitiveness of manufacturing industries in the regions is a significant problem of domestic industry diversification, especially in the current export-raw material model of the economy. Therefore, the relevance of the research is explained by the need to quantitatively estimate the efficiency of regions under the influence of a set of factors in innovation-technology development taking into account the potential of economic-geographical position. The purpose of the research is to study the interaction of innovation-technology and economic-geographical factors in terms of their impact on the efficiency of the regional economy. In this regard, the following objectives are set and addressed: assessment of the innovative component of investment activity in the regions; analysis of the development of machine-building and its impact on the region’s economy; obtaining quantitative equivalents of efficiency of innovation and investment activity in regions with different potential of economic-geographical position. To address these issues regions with different levels of impact of economic-geographical factors on the functioning of the economy are selected. The degree of influence of innovation-technology and economic-geographical factors in regions with different levels of production concentration and diversification is reviewed. Within the framework of the set objectives we analyze the dependence of the existing structure of processing industries on the territorial location of regions. It is established that in regions with a strong impact of economic-geographical factors the concentration of production is higher, which largely determines the dependence of sustainability of main economic indicators on market conditions of products of key industries in the region. In regions with higher production diversification the impact of the machine-building factor is increased, which increased the efficiency of processing industries, mainly as a result of increased productivity


efficiency, innovation-technology factor, non-financial investment, economic- geographical position, mechanical engineering in regions, industry concentration and diversification

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