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Career Guidance as an Object of Pedagogical Research: a Retrospective Analysis

Sukhareva L.M.

1 (46), 2019

Sukhareva L.M. Career guidance as an object of pedagogical research: a retrospective analysis. Territorial development issues, 2019, no. 1 (46). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/28067?_lang=en DOI: 10.15838/tdi.2019.1.46.5

DOI: 10.15838/tdi.2019.1.46.5

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The article presents a retrospective analysis of the formation and development of career guidance in Russia. To achieve this goal, the author studied psychological, pedagogical and socio-economic approaches to the problem of career-oriented self-determination of the younger generation, which helped form the methodological basis of the study, as well as to determine its relevance. The significance of the study is determined by the data of the laboratory of social and professional self-determination of the Institute of Content and Methods of Training of the Russian Academy of Education; the data are confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, the Center for Labor Research of the State University of the Higher School of Economics and the results of research of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science “Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences”. Analysis of scientific literature helped identify the main stages of career guidance. The author makes an attempt to highlight external causes affecting the development or the crisis of career guidance. This understanding becomes the basis for determining the successful position of career guidance in modern society. The analysis of the development of career guidance allowed the author to determine the subject-object elements in the career guidance model that has developed in our country, and at the next stage of the study to compare the model with a new, promising structure. A comparative analysis of these models will help create an effective method of career guidance for the modern school. The prospects of the study include a course to change attitudes to career guidance, the establishment of its priority direction of the educational process. To do this, it is necessary to determine the resources and needs for successful career guidance at the level of educational institutions, the region and the country, which will be disclosed at the next stage of the study. The materials of the article can be useful for teachers, class teachers, teachers-organizers of educational institutions, students enrolled in teacher-training programs at universities, employees and methodologists of scientific and educational centers


career guidance, career guidance activity, career guidance self-determination, retrospective analysis

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