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Journal section "Territorial economy"

Assessment of the Territories’ Stage Development (the Case of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Vologda Oblast)

Ivanov P.A.

4 (49), 2019

Ivanov P.A. Assessment of the Territories’ Stage Development (the Case of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Vologda Oblast). Territorial development issues, 2019, no. 4 (49). URL: http://vtr.isert-ran.ru/article/28297?_lang=en DOI: 10.15838/tdi.2019.4.49.1

DOI: 10.15838/tdi.2019.4.49.1

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The article is devoted to the improvement of the methodological foundations for assessing the stage affiliation of multilevel territorial entities. Taking this factor into account in the public administration of territories will contribute to the sustainability of socio-economic development through more flexible financial support for territories at different stages of their life cycle. By systematizing the existing research of domestic scientists and economists to determine threshold levels of economic security indicators, methods of their valuation and risk zones (zones of stability) the mathematical apparatus was used in this area in relation to the identification of the territories’ life cycle stages. In the case of two constituent entities of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Vologda Oblast, the integral index of the stage development of territorial entities is calculated taking into account the “soft” (Soft Int.) and the “hard” (Hard Int.) options for its calculation, including the most “soft” and most “hard” established threshold levels of economic security indicators included in it. The main factors in the context of the economic, social, financial and environmental areas of activity having the greatest impact on the trajectory of the analyzed territories’ life cycle are identified, including: the average annual growth rate of investment in fixed assets and gross regional product over the past 5 years, the level of territory’s budgetary provision, the ratio of the balanced financial result to the gross regional product, the dynamics of natural and migratory population growth, environmental protection costs per 1 ruble of shipped goods of own production, works or services performed on their own. It was found that in 2017, according to the “soft” option for calculating the integral indicator, the studied regions were in the zone of moderate (Republic of Bashkortostan) and significant (Vologda Oblast) risks, according to the “hard” option, in the zone of significant risk, which corresponds to the initial phase of the stage of decline in the territories’ life cycle


vologda oblast, economic security, life cycle, republic of bashkortostan, multilevel territorial entities, stage

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